CALL NOW: (603) 931-4000


CALL NOW: (603) 931-4000

Pet Cleaning Rug Treatments

Pet odors getting you down? Get your pep back with our proven cleaning treatment that will remove rug pet stains and odors. We know there are a lot of cleaning products on the market, but our professional treatments use powerful equipment and safe solvents that produce the type of steam and deep cleaning penetrations that you just can’t rent or buy at a local store.

Our Guaranteed Deodorization Process

  • Safe and effective rug washing process
  • Pre-Wash inspection
  • Thorough rug dusting
  • Pre-Conditioning
  • Professional spot clean
  • Pre-Soaking
  • Double rug washing and rinsing
  • Cold water rinse and wring
  • Humidity controlled drying
  • Pile lifting and grooming
  • Kraft paper wrapping

The Crown Flooring Touch

  • Exclusive urine decontamination soak
  • Sanitization solution
  • Fine rug protector

Home Pickup & Delivery Fees

30% Cash and carry (CC) and pick up and delivered (PU/DEL)

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